The Receptive Over The Joyous 
Earth Above, The Marsh/Mist Below

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— x —Yielding/DevotionBelly/HeadSoulBlackEarly AutumnSouth WestMother
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——–PleasureMouthFleshBlueAutumnWestYoung Daughter

The earth rises above the lake.
The great man is determined.
He will educate the people.
He is patient and protects the people.
Has no boundary to his compassion.
The coming of the great means extreme success.
Auspicious if he maintains his course.
Ominous for the eight month.

In this situation we find a man of great knowledge who chooses to share his wisdom with others who have been less fortunate. This man has a true philanthropic nature and his unselfish attitudes will be applied to all without prejudice. He will win over the hearts and minds of those he teaches. His proper way of being assures him of success in whatever he wishes to undertake. In this situation he finds very little resistance since he is the strong element in a weak environment. The radiant powers of the light shine through him and his actions. This man is not yet fully involved in the situation but his becoming a dominant factor in this case is only a matter of a short period of time. This man, although superior in nature to those around him, will retain his humility and serve with others in the proper cause. This is a period of opportunity and growth for everyone involved with this man. Both extremes of the social spectrum are brought together through joy and temperance to form a harmonious melting pot. Success is assured through hard work from every party. This period of growth and prosperity will unfortunately not last forever. Knowing this the man must prepare himself for the retreat of the light yielding elements from this situation. If one prepares for the dark times ahead, prior to their becoming reality, one can make the best of a bad situation. Success is certain if one persists with care and foresight on the proper course which is the path of compassion towards those who are less fortunate.

1 –0– Others unite with the great. Auspicious if he is determined. 

A positive influence is starting to be felt in positions of power. Capable men are motivated by this turn of events. It is a good time to unite with the proper causes and move forward. The man must be determined to remain on the path of the honorable way. This will bring about success. 

2 –0– Others unite with the great. All will assist the proper cause. Auspicious. 

The man has been invited to unite with others of elevated positions. If he has the personal fortitude and dependability needed to accomplish the tasks put before him, he will meet with much success. He should not be concerned about his impending and new responsibilities. If he remembers that success, like all worldly circumstances, is fleeting in nature, he will not feel any disorientation about his new position and will be able to relate to the natural universal laws which govern the destiny of men. All he does will help in his cause if it is the proper one. 

3 –X– The man achieves abundance with ease. Nothing can help him. If he starts to grieve over his own actions. He will be released from guilt. 

In this situation, a man who has everything going for him has attained authority and control. He has achieved this position through hard work and a perspective based on genuine equity. So far he has taken his responsibilities very seriously but lately has started to show signs of carelessness in his dealings with others. Overconfidence and insensitivity in dealing with others would certainly generate trouble. It is not too late for him to modify his attitude by returning to the proper path which is what led him to this position of responsibility. If he feels genuine remorse for his wrong attitudes and attempts to truly bring honour to the manner in which he performs his duties and exerts his authority, he will be liberated of his past mistakes. 

4 –X– The great man feels no prejudice. Auspicious. No guilt. 

A man in a high position is welcoming a man of inferior rank within his group. He does this without prejudice simply because this man is the best suited for the task at hand. The great man is impartial and this assures his of success. 

5 –X– The great man is wise. He rules with capable men. Auspicious. 

The man who has been entrusted with a position of responsibility must demonstrate proper judgment when assigning duties to others. He must draw to himself the people who are most capable to bring the situation to its proper conclusion. Proper judgment consists of being able to select the right people for the right tasks and also of being able to let them complete their duties without needless intervention on his part. If the great man has the clarity of mind and the ability to control his own ego he will find support and be able to accomplish all that needs to be attended to. 

6 –X– The great man follows the path of the heart. Auspicious. No remorse. 

A wise man who has reached a certain state of detachment from the world of the daily affairs of men may under particular conditions return to the everyday concerns of the world in order to educate others. Those who have the good fortune of being assisted and enlightened by such a wise man are truly fortunate. The great man needs not feel any remorse over his display of selfless modesty.