The Joyous Over The Arousing 
The Marsh/Mist Above, Thunder Below

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Thunder is within the lake
The great man will find support.
When the sun goes down,
The great man unwinds and heals himself within.
To find support brings about success.
Success if he is determined. No fault.

The electric energy that abounds during the summer returns within the earth as the coolness of autumn sets in. The electric energy of thunder is at rest. It has grounded itself into the lake. This indicates that darkness has set in and that there is a need for rest. In order to find support from his followers a man must first have peace of mind. After ceaseless activity during the day the man must retire within himself in order to gather his own energy and get some rest. The situation can not develop favorably unless the man accommodates himself to the needs of his supporters. He should avoid exhausting his own resources through misunderstood opposition. For the man to obtain support he must first conform himself to the requirements of his supporters. In order for the man to become the ruler he must initially have learned to serve. Only in this manner can he hope to gather around him the support he needs to accomplish the task at hand. To try to gain support through coercion, division or through deceptive manoeuvres will only bring about resistance to proper action. Without the willing support of his followers the man can not accomplish his duties. The important thing here is to encourage the proper actions. Unless his own intentions are proper the man should not seek support for his cause. Only after his intent has become truly unselfish can he expect others to support and follow him without any harm coming to either party. For this he must first understand what are the needs of the larger group and adjust his own requirements to those of the whole. Once he has accomplished this task he will meet with success.

1 –0– The requirements of the situation are changing. Auspicious if he is determined. Leaving his own house in mixed company Brings on contentment. 

A leader must keep in touch with the needs of those who support him and also remain aware of the changing conditions which are relevant to the situation. He must remain flexible and be sensitive to the convictions of those who follow him. The leader needs to be determined in his beliefs and purpose He must be able to see the difference between the fads of the period and the genuine movement of the masses. He must also make sure that he does not limit his relationships to only those who share his own personal opinion. He must be able to integrate the beliefs of the many into a coherent whole. This is the only way he can achieve success. 

2 –X– If he holds on to the small boy He will renounce the man of strength. 

A decision must be made about who the man wishes to associate with. He can travel in good circles or bad ones but he can not choose both at the same time. If he selects to associate with unsuitable men, he will find himself isolated from the right people, who are in a position of strength,and thus eliminate his opportunity to accomplish his purpose successfully. 

3 –X– If he holds on to the man of strength He will renounce the small boy. Wiht support, he will achieve what he seeks. Determination will assist the great man. 

Once relationships have been established with the proper associates, a man must renounce former associations with men of a lesser nature. A feeling of loss is quite natural but should not detract the man from his proper course. The man must detach himself from what he understands to be inferior and shallow. If he can do this, he will find peace of mind and inner contentment since his own personal inner growth will have been attended to. He must remember to remain determined in his purpose and have a clear understanding of his goals. He can not let himself be swayed by temporary enticements. 

4 –0– Support brings about success. Determination to remain on this course Will bring about misfortune. He must find his own path. Honesty brings about clarity of mind. No fault can be assigned. 

When a ruler acts with a patronizing attitude towards his supporters, those who are committed to him and his causes will soon grow impatient with him. The rulers patronizing attitudes do not set a good example, as they should, for his supporters. They will become deceitful and calculating in their dealings with the ruler, trying to get as much personal gain from him as possible. They may attempt to become essential to the rulers by appealing to his ego through shallow praise and compliance. If the ruler becomes dependant of such men it will bring him misfortune. Only once the ruler has liberated himself from his own selfish desires and passions can he be truly on the proper path. To follow the proper path the ruler must focus on what is right and crucial to the situation thus enabling him to see through the shallow facades of some of his associates. In acting this way he would free himself of blame. 

5 –0– He supports the proper way. Auspicious. 

Everyone follows a certain path. Everyone has a guiding light which gives them their purpose. For those who follow the path of proper conviction and inner beauty the powers of heaven will provide bounty. 

6 –X– He has found strong support. He must see to his duties. The ruler will present him To the Western Mountain. 

In this situation we have a wise man who has chosen to detach himself from the daily concerns of the world of men. He does not need this world anymore and has decided to retire himself to the calmer life of inner spiritual growth. A supporter of his ideals has also entered the situation and this man is not to be ignored. The wise man must return to the confusion of the world of men in order to educate the newcomer in the proper ways. The relationship developed between these two men will be of a lasting nature. They will both share in the bounty of the true spirit of life.